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Industry information

Mid-wire linear cutting machine performance configuration

Time:2018-01-06 Views:72

▲Power Supply Adopt advanced and unique pulse power supply, it can output super large current, realize high speed, output ultra-small pulse width, realize high precision and high smoothness.

▲ Servo X and Y axis drive adopts imported brand name (Panasonic, Yaskawa, Schneider) AC servo drive system, closed-loop control, processing accuracy is more stable, and multiple cutting precision is higher.

▲ CNC newly developed CNC system, international brand industrial computer, cutting software can control the wire speed and high frequency parameter output according to the material material and thickness of the workpiece material processed by the user, so that the finish after multiple cutting is greatly improved. And can reach Ra≤0.8um stably.

▲ Constant tension After long-term experiment, the newly designed bidirectional constant tension tensioning mechanism can greatly improve the stability of the wire, and the electrode wire has less jitter. Even the large taper cutting can maintain the dynamic constant force (selecting molybdenum wire guide) For higher-gloss workpiece machining).

▲ Accuracy The X and Y axes adopt Japanese THK or Taiwan high-precision linear guides and double-nut ball screws. They have a pitch backlash compensation function, which greatly improves the positioning accuracy.

▲Commutation The use of high-precision ball screws for the operation of the wire barrel improves the service life of the wire feeder. The frequency conversion speed regulation adopts French Schneider frequency converter to ensure the smoothness and reliability of the speed regulation and commutation of the wire barrel.

▲Intensity Column type low center of gravity T-bed structure, high-strength resin sand casting. The mainframe is rigid and strong enough to keep the machine‘s accuracy constant for 5–10 years.

▲ Taper The patented four-bar linkage technology enables large taper cutting at any angle.

▲Environmental protection The fully enclosed shield has a waterproof connector and a wire splash protection device to effectively reduce the splashing of the cutting fluid during processing and protect the environment.

▲ Convenient The host control is equipped with a manual control box, which makes the operation more convenient. Intuitive, clear and practical full Chinese interface for human-machine dialogue. The industrial computer has RS232 communication interface and USB interface and has LAN interconnection function.

▲Lubrication The whole machine adopts the central lubrication system, which allows the operator to carry out daily maintenance on the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.

▲Services The sales and service network throughout the country provides professional technical consultation, fast and effective maintenance services, and free training from theory to application.

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