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Industry information

10 characteristics of the wire cutting machine

Time:2018-01-08 Views:71

The middle wire cutting is a new type of high-efficiency low-loss wire EDM cutting equipment based on the combination of slow wire and fast wire feeding. Compared with fast/slow wire, it has inheritance and development. The details are as follows.

Top 10 wire cutting machine tools:

1. Adopt slow wire processing technology, multiple processing and repeated cutting.

2. Using ultra-fast processing, the maximum processing speed is ≥200mm2/min. Cut and repair, the maximum speed can reach 9000 mm2/H or more, which is 2-3 times of the traditional fast wire processing speed.

3. Adopting patented low-consumption high-frequency power supply, the minimum roughness RA≤0.8μm, comparable to the slow wire-cutting machine.

4. Adopt Taiwan ABBA or Shangyin linear guide rail, high-grade precision ball screw and centralized oil supply system to ensure machine tool accuracy. Multiple cutting accuracy ± 0.005mm (15 × 15 hexagonal edge-shaped Cr12, S = 40 mm), positioning accuracy of 0.005mm.

5. System function:

1.) Graphic editing input mode can be divided into "straight line drawing" USB input "network transmission" and other methods, convenient and fast.

2.) Multiple processing "cut one repair one" up to "cut one repair six".

3.) Processing track display, machining path simulation, power failure memory, broken wire return to origin, short circuit protection retraction, gap wire diameter compensation function.

4.) Additional drawing and programming can be performed during processing, and the operation is uninterrupted, and multiple operations are more time-saving.

5.) Four-axis linkage control. It can cut the taper and the upper and lower profile.

6.) With AUTOCAD, AUTOP data interface.

6. The design and hardware equipment of the wire cutting:

1.) High-precision cabinet control, fully enclosed large enclosure structure. No pollution, no noise, really environmentally friendly.

2.) The DC part of the machine tool is driven by a DC motor. The wire handling system is adjustable in five speeds. Flexible choices as needed.

3.) The machine tool adopts inductive flexible commutation, which changes the method of forcibly cutting and reversing the traditional contactor and switch. The silk is smooth and dry.

4.) The machine tool is placed in the control box, which is easy to ventilate, prevent moisture and prolong the life of electronic components.

5.) Special three-layer filter water tank system, which has high pressure resistance, good filtering effect and prolongs the service life of cutting fluid.

7. The control cabinet uses industrial grade motherboard, 320G large hard drive, Great Wall power supply, BenQ 17 inch large LCD screen.

8. The overall design of the control cabinet, plug-in system, low failure, easy maintenance.

9. Main functions of the control cabinet: one-way discharge function, sleep function, built-in expert library function.

10. In the middle of the industry, the current market is also quite mixed, if you are interested in understanding, you still need to have a comprehensive understanding.

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