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Shenzhen Yiguang CNC Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

  After more than ten years of hard work, Shanghai Everlight Co., Ltd. has developed into a modern enterprise with a considerable scale of advanced technology. The main products are dk7718, dk7725, dk7732, dk7740, dk7750, dk7763, dk7780 and other specifications of high, mid-range EDM WEDM machine tools, single-axis CNC EDM machine, three-axis CNC EDM machine, small hole machine. Product performance, processing indicators have reached the advanced level of domestic counterparts gas vehicles, machinery, petroleum, electronics, electrical appliances, telecommunications, communications, building materials industry, processing precision molds and complex parts indispensable equipment, very popular with the market. The main product of the middle speed wire cutting machine is used yh system programming, the system is relatively stable, cutting speed, one knife cutting speed can reach 8000-10000 square, three knife cutting its smoothness is equivalent to walking wire. The industry‘s first wire-cutting machine that truly implements full closed-loop control ensures the machine‘s positioning and machining accuracy. Products sell well all over the country, due to reliable product quality, good after-sales service, favored by users, a warm welcome to new and old customers patrons.
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